Mercedes Mone Faces Unexpected Challenge From Best Friend’s Fan

mercedes mone

Mercedes Mone sent shockwaves to the wrestling world when she debuted for All Elite Wrestling, (AEW) in March 2024. Mone is regarded as one of the game-changers in the history of women’s wrestling and is credited for the progress that women’s wrestling has made in the past decade. 

Formerly known as WWE’s Sasha Banks, Mone is known for breaking down barriers and shattering glass ceilings and has cemented herself as one of the pioneers of women’s wrestling at such a young age in her legendary career.

Mercedes Mone received an open challenge from Bayley’s biggest fan

Mercedes Mone was a completely different person and a performer a decade ago, going under her ring name, Sasha Banks and the same could be said for her best friend, Bayley who was known as The Hugger at that time. The battles between the two trailblazers against each other paved the way for the Women’s Evolution in the WWE and it all began with their infamous battle in Brooklyn at NXT Takeover 2015 when Bayley defeated Sasha Banks in one of the greatest matches in the history of wrestling.

After showing the world what they can do together, the now CEO and the Role Model made history when they became the first females to main event a WWE NXT pay-per-view in NXT Takeover: Respect. Interestingly, an infamous incident in the match saw Sasha Banks stealing a hair band from one of Bayley’s biggest fans, Izzy who was in attendance to watch the match with her family, leading her to burst into tears. Now that fan has grown up into a strong woman and is a professional wrestler who took to her X to challenge Mone for a match.

“Listen…@MercedesVarnado has an open invitation to come to @MissionProWres! It would be an honor to share the ring and show her that I’m not that 9 year old, side ponytail, bow wearing kid she pushed around back then 😉😜.”

Mercedes Mone is one of the biggest names in the wrestling world, male or female, bar none. She is set to make her in-ring debut in AEW on May 26th, 2024 when she will battle Willow Nightmare for the AEW TBS Championship. It remains to be seen if Mone will capture the title or not and what’s even more interesting is if Mone will really respond to Izzy on her open challenge.

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