Cody Rhodes Outlines Financial Repercussions if AEW Went Out of Business

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes made history in the main event of WrestleMania 40 Sunday when The American Nightmare dethroned The Tribal Chief to become Undisputed WWE Champion. With his triumph, Rhodes solidified his status as probably, the biggest superstar in the wrestling juggernaut today.

The Prodigal Son is riding a wave of momentum like never before, clinching the world title, ending a historic title run, and finishing his story. But the biggest turnaround in Cody’s career came when he helped in the formation of All Elite Wrestling, (AEW) after being released by WWE in 2016.

What did Cody Rhodes say about the Financial Repercussions if AEW went out of Business?

The American Nightmare was a guest on Peter Rosenburg’s podcast, Rosenberg Wrestling, where he discussed his multiple topics, one of them being a crucial one on whether there would be any financial repercussions if AEW went out of business considering their deals falling through and low attendance records.

The Prodigal Son clearly stated that he did not want Tony Khan’s empire to go out of business since it would affect the wrestling industry and the performers in a very negative way. Cody Rhodes stated that their aim when AEW was formed was to create a very comfortable environment for wrestlers to live their dreams and feed their families.

“It’s very important that they hang in there because if that was to go away I don’t think anybody in the locker room has any clue the financial repercussions that that would have on the wrestling business the trickle down effect it would then have on Independent wrestling. We’ve created a really comfortable environment in sports entertainment for men and women to feed their families and to do well and and to be treated on the level that their global penetration ask for and I would hate to see that bubble burst so that’s another that’s another you know random fear I have you know when when I when they’re down or if they’re up or whatever it may be but yeah I I can never I would never root against them in any case.”

The American Nightmare made it very clear that he would never root against AEW no matter how hard it might get in the future. Furthermore, Rhodes is set to battle against AJ Styles in a dream match for his WWE Undisputed title at WWE Backlash in France which is expected to be one of the most enthralling showdowns in professional wrestling.

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