Despite Turbulent History With CM Punk, WWE Stands Divided on His Return

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CM Punk has always been the center of controversy for the majority of his popularity era. While many thought that his tough behavior was only prevalent in WWE surroundings, recent events proved that he has been consistent throughout. But despite all the bad blood between WWE and the Second City Saint for years, it is shocking to learn that there is still some support for him.

WWE has been very protective of its public image and television programming for a long time. Being completely aware that CM Punk could replicate his unprofessional attitude in their environment if he came back, what is the prime reason that some of the higher-ups are considering Punk’s return a good move?

Why Is There A Divided Opinion Within WWE Regarding CM Punk’s Return?

When CM Punk returned to AEW programming after an extended absence, many saw it as a fresh start for the former World champion after the events that transpired leading to his negative image. However, wrestling fans witnessed de ja vu when reports of a real-life backstage altercation between Punk and Jack Perry at AEW All-In 2023 in London emerged.

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After a detailed investigation, AEW released a statement about CM Punk being released by the company, which was also confirmed by AEW President Tony Khan on the following episode of Collision. Regardless of his unceremonious exit from the company, there is no deniability in the fact that the Best in the World is still a major draw for any promotion he decides to step in next.

That being said, Vince McMahon’s global juggernaut WWE seems to be at the forefront of bringing him back to the company. However, a recent report indicates that Punk’s free agent status has created a divide among the top management.

According to a tweet by WrestleOps on X, some members of the WWE team believe that CM Punk would be a big money opportunity for them and this belief was reportedly supported by a top-tier WWE superstar. However, some members were totally against the idea of CM Punk returning to the company.

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“CM Punk was an immediate topic of discussion within WWE after his AEW firing, especially among top talents.  There were some who were adamantly against the idea & didn’t believe it could happen, but others who looked at it as a “chance to make big money.” One top tier star was all for it, but it wouldn’t be their call.”

The divided opinion can be understood as a matter of top concern regarding the long standing public perception of WWE built over four decades of providing top-quality entertainment.

CM Punk Has A Turbulent History With WWE

Much like his recent AEW exit, CM Punk suffered a similar fate when he chose to walk out on WWE right after the 2014 Royal Rumble event. He cited creative frustrations and health issues back then, but made his return as a WWE Analyst for FOX Sports’ show, WWE Backstage in 2019.

Punk not being contractually obligated to WWE during his stint gave him complete freedom of speech regarding his opinion about the WWE product. That eventually led to the WWE higher-ups reaching out to FOX Sports to keep their untamed animal under control or have him removed completely

cm punk fired

Moreover, during his AEW absence, CM Punk reportedly paid a visit to WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW. He was said to be present backstage and met many of his former colleagues including current WWE CCO Triple H. Furthermore, another report indicated that Punk wanted to return to WWE while serving his AEW suspension and was even pitched for a match against Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 39.

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As of now, the fans can only wait for the Second City Saint to give his statement regarding the AEW release and then decide to choose his next endeavor bringing Cloberrin Time.

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