5 Dave Bautista WWE Dream Matches That Should Have Happened

dave bautista

Dave Bautista (more commonly known as Batista) has been one of the most lethal and mesmerizing WWE superstars of all time. The Animal rose to prominence during the Ruthless Aggression era and became a marquee attraction alongside his counterpart, John Cena.

dave bautista

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The former World Heavyweight Champion moved to Hollywood following his WWE departure. He became a mainstay under the bright lights with some exhilarating performances in films like Spectre and Guardians of the Galaxy. With his Hollywood career taking over at the time WWE saw the influx of top-tier talents, these 5 dream matches did not come to fruition for The Animal.

5 Dave Bautista Vs AJ Styles

dave bautista

AJ Styles once claimed that SmackDown was the house that he built. However, the foundations of the brand were laid down by Dave Bautista, being the cornerstone for the blue side. But Styles has proved that he can hang in the ring with super heavyweights like Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman and The Animal could have been no different for The Phenomenal One.

While these two WWE superstars were only together on the WWE roster during Batista’s final run in 2019, the timing was not right. Batista was embroiled to end his career against his long-time rival and mentor Triple H, while Styles was feuding with another former member of Evolution, Randy Orton. However, a dream clash between these two stars would have been a marquee match for any major WWE show.

4 Dave Bautista Vs Goldberg

dave bautista

Batista and the destructive Goldberg squared off in 2004 during the latter’s rivalry with Triple H and his stable, Evolution. However, The Animal was an upcoming talent at the time and Goldberg was one of the biggest names in the industry, but the match still lived up to the expectations of many.

Fast forward many years later, Batista transcended to become one of the greatest WWE superstars and Goldberg returned to the squared circle, credited as a veteran. However, the different timelines for both superstars’ presence on the roster did not lead to a mega showdown between two of the most hard-hitting WWE superstars of all time.

3 Dave Bautista Vs Seth Rollins

dave bautista

Seth Rollins and Batista collided against each other in 2014 during the heated feud between their respective stables, Evolution and The Shield. While Rollins was only an upcoming talent back then, he combated with his exceptional athleticism and took The Animal to the very limit.

However, the two never shared the ring again after Rollins ascended to become one of the most talented and accomplished WWE superstars of the modern era. A match between the former World champion and the Drip God would have exceeded their previous encounter and been a top attraction for a show like SummerSlam and WrestleMania.

2 Dave Bautista Vs Brock Lesnar

dave bautista

Brock Lesnar and Batista were a part of the same class of graduates from WWE’s former developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). The two heavyweights never crossed paths during their initial runs in the company. Following 2004, Lesnar left WWE to pursue a career in MMA while Batista went on to become a top-caliber WWE superstar of that generation.

Both WWE superstars came back to the company years later and found themselves standing across the ring in a segment on RAW in 2014. The two behemoths being together inside the squared circle garnered a loud reaction from the WWE Universe, with a potential showdown looking on the horizon. However, the match never came to fruition and Batista left WWE to go back to Hollywood shortly after.

1 Dave Bautista Vs Roman Reigns

dave bautista

Roman Reigns collided with The Animal Batista in a clash of the powerhouses of Evolution and The Shield in 2014, during the time both factions were embroiled in a heated rivalry. Moreover, a few months before, both WWE superstars traded blows back and forth as the final participants of the 2014 Royal Rumble match.

With Reigns now ruling the WWE landscape, he managed to put down many top-tier talents on the roster and WWE legends who came back to square off with The Tribal Chief. Although Batista closed the chapter of his wrestling career in 2019, had the former WWE champion decided to come back for one more match, that encounters with Roman Reigns would have been a massive showdown between them.

Which Batista dream showdown is your pick? Do you think Batista should come back for one more match? Sound off in the comments!