4 Main Event WWE Superstars Who Can Return in 2024


The new era of WWE under the leadership of WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque has been garnering mainstream attention and massive traction for the global juggernaut. The business skyrocketing off the roof can be measured by the recent success of PLEs, weekly televised programming, merchandise sales, and much more.

However, there is still a certain section of top WWE superstars who have not made their presence in the new WWE landscape, alluring for some reasons. However, with the Triple H regime implementing makeshift changes and superstars overcoming their own personal demons, here are 4 top superstars who can make their triumphant return in 2024:

1. Brock Lesnar returns to WWE after rumored controversy

The WWE Universe was shocked to learn the involvement of Brock Lesnar in an ongoing controversy that surfaced early this year. The Beast was accused of being a part of the highly publicized Vince McMahon-Jane Grant sex trafficking lawsuit and since then, WWE has quietly distanced themselves from the former multi-time champion scrapping all major plans for him.

However, the man in the leadership position, Triple H did state at a past WWE press conference that Brock Lesnar was not gone from the company, but had taken a break from his schedule. Moreover, his former advocate, Paul Heyman also expressively name-dropped Lesnar in his Hall of Fame speech. Therefore, all signs are pointing towards the return of Brock Lesnar this year.

2. Charlotte Flair recovers from injury

Charlotte Flair’s momentum was derailed off the WWE track last December when she suffered a devastating knee injury during her bout with Asuka on SmackDown. The serious injury pushed Flair on the sidelines, who underwent surgery for the same and has been on the road to recovery.

Moreover, The Queen has been actively showcasing her rehabilitation process and seems to be way ahead of her return schedule. With Flair eager to get back in the ring and working harder than ever to become healthy, Charlotte Flair could make her eagerly awaited comeback to the promotion in 2024.

3. Rhea Ripley returns in time to exact redemption

Rhea Ripley was coming off a huge victory at WrestleMania 40 when she defeated The Man Becky Lynch to retain her WWE Women’s World Championship. However, the next night on RAW saw her dominant reign suffer a major setback when she was attacked by her arch-rival, Liv Morgan. The planned assault led to Rhea Ripley suffering a shoulder injury that would put her on the bench and force her to relinquish her championship.

Before leaving to undergo her rehabilitation process, The Eradicator vowed that she was coming back for blood and taking her title back from, as she labeled, an interim champion. With a desire to return to the ring alongside her championship motives, Rhea Ripley could possibly complete her rehab in 2024 and return stronger than ever.

4. The Tribal Chief returns to reclaim his throne

The era of Roman Reigns came to its conclusion as Cody Rhodes dethroned him for the title and emerged as the new Undisputed WWE Champion at WrestleMania 40. Following a huge defeat, The Tribal Chief went on a hiatus and was spotted being involved in an acting project, titled ‘Good Fortune’ starring alongside an ensemble cast of Keanu Reeves, Seth Rogen, and Sandra Oh.

After wrapping up his outside commitments and binding his time to strike at the right moment, Roman Reigns could make his grand comeback to WWE. The return of The Tribal Chief has been rumored to return around the summer, so we can expect to see Roman Reigns back in the WWE fold in 2024.

Which WWE Superstar do you think can return in 2024? Would it be someone from the above list? Share your thoughts in the comments!