Uncle Howdy Returns on WWE RAW 6/17/24

uncle howdy

After months of mysterious activities, flickering lights and music, and the looming QR codes that appeared from WWE television programming to social media, the wait for the mystery to be unravelled was finally over on tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

Did Uncle Howdy finally make his return to WWE?

Ever since WrestleMania 40 came to its conclusion, WWE fans have been witnessing mysterious glitches and QR codes that led to a propelling mystery to begin across the landscape. After multiple signs, hints, and clues, everything pointed toward the return of Bo Dallas under his Uncle Howdy gimmick.

Moreover, it was also rumoured that he would not be returning alone but alongside a dark force of underutilized superstars who had been shown the path by Uncle Howdy. On tonight’s edition of Monday Night RAW, all the pieces in the puzzle were finally put into place.

After the main event of tonight’s Monday Night RAW, where Jey USO qualified for the Money in the Bank match, lights shut down, and the rumoured members of the Wyatt 6 faction began to appear, who looked to be Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, Joey Gacy and Dexter Lumis taking over the gorilla position and taking out Chad Gable.

Finally, in the end, Uncle Howdy made his much-awaited appearance to the excitement of the WWE Universe when the show went off-air with Uncle Howdy screaming ‘We are here’ along with the rest of the Wyatt 6 faction.

With Uncle Howdy back in the mix and ready to take over the WWE landscape, it will be interesting to see who he chooses to target amidst his plan to bring back the dark days to WWE.

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