Uncle Howdy’s WWE Return: Who Could Be His Top 4 Targets?

uncle howdy

The WWE Universe is buzzing with excitement for Uncle Howdy’s impending return to WWE television programming. According to recent reveals, Uncle Howdy will make his first appearance on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

WWE fans have been intrigued by the QR codes and suspicious glitches that have taken over the WWE, and everything indicates that Uncle Howdy will be making his return to the WWE sooner rather than later. With his impending return, the mysterious force will most likely target multiple WWE superstars.

Let us take a look at 4 WWE Superstars who might become the first few targets of the mysterious force:

1. Uncle Howdy targets an old foe

One of the superstars with whom Uncle Howdy has some unfinished business from his first few appearances in the WWE is the Megastar LA Knight. The leader of the YEAH movement was the last person to face Bray Wyatt before his unfortunate demise in August 2023. Throughout the feud between The Eater of the Worlds and The Megastar, Uncle Howdy attacked LA Knight several times.

Uncle Howdy was also a major factor in his loss against Bray Wyatt in their match at Royal Rumble. The impending return of Uncle Howdy could see him targeting the Megastar to re-ignite his feud with him and to make a major statement at the expense of a big star.

2. The WrestleMania feud continues

The Almighty One was supposed to have a big match at WrestleMania 39 against Bray Wyatt, who just returned to the WWE a few months ago. The feud began when the two superstars started having several segments together, but the match had to end cancelled due to Bray’s health issues.

Upon his major return to the company, Uncle Howdy could target the former multi-time World Champion Bobby Lashley since their feud did not receive a proper ending. A victory over a former World Champion will imminently establish Howdy’s reign of terror in the company and have an incredible start to his second coming.

3. Howdy meet Rhodes

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes is the biggest superstar in the WWE at the moment. Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns to become the Undisputed WWE Champion in the main event of WrestleMania 40 and established himself as the face of the WWE.

Imminently targeting the company’s top guy could easily make any superstar a major attraction in the company, and Uncle Howdy gunning for the top spot would be one of the best choices that WWE could make to legitimize Uncle Howdy as a force to reckon with in the company.

4. The Best Feud in the World

CM Punk sent shockwaves across the entire industry when he made his shocking return to the WWE at Survivor Series last year. Ever since returning to the global juggernaut, CM Punk has maintained his position as one of the most talked about guys in the company, despite not even wrestling for months due to his injury.

Moreover, there is some old connection between CM Punk and Uncle Howdy’s fallen ally, Bray Wyatt, during their days at The Nexus in the early 2010s. So, A feud with a superstar of a calibre like CM Punk can instantly put anyone on the map. A potential feud between Punk and Uncle Howdy, for whom fans are eagerly waiting to make a return, could project him to the sky of stardom and would do wonders to make a major impact on the WWE Universe.

Who do you think will be the first target for Uncle Howdy? Share your thoughts in the comments!