Cody Rhodes Credits Chicago for Iconic Match Win Despite Severe Injury

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes currently sits atop the WWE mountain as the Undisputed WWE Champion. He marked his kingdom upon his monumental victory over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 and is on his way to becoming the next face of WWE in the modern era.

However, the journey to the top was a turbulent ride for The American Nightmare who recently compared himself to Lebron James. But there was this one particular instance that truly established him as a main event in-ring talent despite walking into the match at nowhere close to 100%.

Which match did Cody Rhodes credit an entire city for?

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE in 2022 and was immediately put in a heated rivalry with top star, Seth Rollins. The American Nightmare and The Visionary engaged in two epic battles, both of which saw Cody walking out as the victor.

As Rhodes was approaching his third encounter with Seth Rollins inside a Hell in a Cell, he suffered a major shoulder injury. Despite its severity, Cody Rhodes displayed a valiant effort and walked away the winner once again commanding the respect of the WWE Universe that night.

On the two-year anniversary of that in-ring bout where he wrestled with literally one arm, Cody Rhodes took to his X to reflect on the same. He thanked the entire audience present in Chicago for the show and credited them for making it through the match despite being injured. Moreover, he revealed himself to be embarrassed and dejected and only had enough fuel to get through one match that night.

“I didn’t win this match, Chicago won it for me. I was so embarrassed and dejected, nothing in the eyes and just enough left in the tank for one dance . Just the clips are wild enough for me.”

Cody Rhodes has come a long way since that night as mentioned and has even developed a great equation with Seth Rollins. Moreover, the duo also teamed up together to battle The Rock and Roman Reigns on Night 1 of WrestleMania 40. Although they are friends now, but the WWE Universe would surely be enthralled to see one more dance between the two talented WWE stars.

What are your thoughts on Cody Rhodes being embarrassed to wrestle with a broken shoulder? Do you want to see one more match between him and Seth Rollins again? Sound off in the comments!