CM Punk Return: Which 5 Feuds Could Happen CM Punk After His AEW Collision Return?

cm punk aew collision return

The world has, perhaps, waited for the return of one of the most controversial figures in the wrestling business, CM Punk. So is the wait over? Yes, as announced by Tony Khan on the last edition of AEW Dynamite. The Best in the World will make his highly anticipated return at the debut of AEW’s new programming, Collision.

cm punk return

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While it was a less than a favorable reaction to the big announcement, the fans will witness Punk reemerge after a 9-month-long absence. Moreover, who could potentially be the first step up to the Second City Saint? Here are our Top 5 opponents for the first feud after CM Punk return to AEW.

5. CM Punk Return Has Something Common With Andrade El Idolo

cm punk return

CM Punk return has a common link with one of the brightest prospects brought from WWE to AEW, Andrade El Idolo. On the fateful night that Punk was involved in the infamous real-life backstage brawl and suffered serious injuries in his match, Andrade was last seen competing inside the AEW ring till now. He revealed the point of commonality on Twitter, following the announcement of CM Punk return.

“I have something similar with this guy!!! #AEWCollision 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼.”

Moreover, Andrade, much like Punk has been dealing with a injury that has kept him out of action for long. So this could set a perfect scenario for CM Punk’s return feud.

4. Chris Jericho & CM Punk Could Recreate Their Classic Rivalry

cm punk return: cm punk vs chris jericho

The hardcord wrestling fan base will always have the classic rivalry between CM Punk and Chris Jericho in WWE etched in their memories. AEW could take the opportunity and postion The Ucho for CM Punk’s first feud after returning at AEW Collision.

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But if we to trust certain reports, that might not be the case. According to an old report by Fightful Select, Chris Jericho told CM Punk that “he was a cancer to the locker room and the pro wrestling business itself.” However, we have seen many superstars make amends moving forward. If that happens, a monumental feud between Punk and Jericho could do huge numbers for AEW programming.

3. The American Dragon Vs The Best In The World

cm punk return: cm punk vs bryan danielson

CM Punk and Bryan Danielson have squared multiple times in their previous promotion, WWE. However, despite their almost same timeline of their AEW arrival, Punk and Bryan have not crossed paths inside the squared circle. Both men are still in their prime and have proven that with their performances in Tony Khan’s promotion so far.

With CM Punk coming back to AEW Collision, this could be the best opportunity for the company to make it even more grand. A high-profile feud, culminating into a mega showdown between the American Dragon and The Best in the World would be a sell-out arena and a 5 star wrestling match for sure.

2. Old Rival, Yet Everything Has Changed

cm punk return

The epic rivalry between CM Punk and MJF back in 2022 became the focal point of AEW television programming. The massive verbal back-and-forth, continuous tirade by both men followed by a gruesome Dog Collar match cemented the feud as one of the most exciting programmes produced by AEW. But now, things have drastically changed in the landscape.

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MJF reigns atop the AEW mountain as the current AEW World Champion, being regarded as one of the most hated heels in the business. His fame and popularity have signficantly grown since Punk’s absence. Moreover, with the history combined between the two could be the ideal situation for the impending return of CM Punk.

1. The Elite & CM Punk Settle It Once & For All

CM Punk return: CM Punk and The Elite
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Who were the people that brawled with CM Punk at AEW All Out 2022, that led to his suspension? The Elite. Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks did not take the tirade against them by Punk during the post event media scrum and that led to all men throwing hands at each other backstage. That not only led to all of them being stripped off their titles and being suspendes by Tony Khan.

The Elite came back to television in November 2022, while it has been nine-long months since Punk has been absent. The Best in the World could pick up right where he left off and set the stage for their real-life between all four of them to culminate in a high-profile wrestling match that the fans have been eager to watch since the infamous incident.

Which feud do you want to see first? Do you have some other opponent in mind for CM Punk’s first return feud? Let us know in the comments