4 Unknown Facts About the Life of Cody Rhodes That Will Come as a Major Surprise

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes went from being undesirable to undeniable when he defeated The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns to become the new Undisputed WWE Champion in the main event of WrestleMania 40. In the process, Rhodes fulfilled his lifelong dream of holding a WWE Championship and has now established himself as one of the major stars in the WWE today.

Sitting at the pinnacle of the wrestling world, The American Nightmare brought a whole new era to the WWE when he hoisted the Undisputed WWE Championship over his head in front of a defeated Roman Reigns who has been holding onto the title for over four years up until that point. Furthermore, Cody has been the topic of conversation for WWE fans since winning the coveted title, but there are many surprising facts that his fans should know.

Let us take a look at four unknown facts about the life of Cody Rhodes that will come as a major surprise:

1. Cody Rhodes is a nerd

The American Nightmare is riding a wave of momentum after he won the Undisputed WWE Championship on the Grandest Stage of them all in a Bloodline rules match. However, in between growing up and becoming a WWE Champion, one thing Cody Rhodes still finds some time for is his video games and comic books.

The Prodigal Son is an avid video gamer and one game in particular that Rhodes is fond of is the Legend of Zelda. Speaking of his interests in Comic books, Rhodes specifically loves to read Omega Red and Cyclops.

2. When The American Nightmare was a Referee

Cody Rhodes is a bonafide name in the world of pro-wrestling now, however, The Prodigal Son has paid his dues before getting big opportunities such as headlining WrestleMania. During his high school days at Lassiter High School in Georgia, The American Nightmare worked as a referee for a different wrestling mat.

Rhodes spent some of his time away from the amateur wrestling mat to help his father, Dusty Rhodes’ wrestling promotion Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling by referring to the hard-hitting battles between the likes of Disco Inferno and Kendall Windhman.

3. Cody Rhodes is a trained actor

Oftentimes, professional wrestlers are multifaceted and multi-talented, and the same could be said about Cody Rhodes, who definitely has several other fields to venture into once he laces his boots off the wrestling ring ever in the future.

Before he began his professional wrestling training, The American Nightmare trained to be an actor at the Howard Fine Acting Studio in Los Angeles. The Prodigal Son’s first acting appearance came during an episode in the ‘Warehouse 13’ series and he was also part of the popular TV series “The Arrow” alongside Stephen Amell.

4. He was a Judge for a reality TV show

While being a part of All Elite Wrestling, AEW, The American Nightmare received a lot of crossover opportunities since AEW was telecasted on TNT and TBS. One such opportunity was when Cody Rhodes was featured as a judge on the ‘Go-Big Show’, a reality TV show which featured people performing talented acts.

Cody Rhodes’ stint as a judge for the ‘Go-Big Show’ benefitted Tony Khan’s AEW as well since his company’s prime show, AEW Dynamite got appearances from the likes of Snoop Dog, Rosario Dawson, and many other big names.

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