WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 Predictions: 3 Outcomes for Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles I Quit Match

wwe clash at the castle 2024

Cody Rhodes has become a target for every other WWE Superstar after he won the Undisputed WWE Championship from Roman Reigns in one of the greatest WrestleMania main events in history at WrestleMania 40.

The American Nightmare was able to ‘Finish The Story’ but what he wasn’t expecting was the different tactics that the superstars would be willing to use to get the title away from him and he got quite a taste of it when AJ Styles faked his retirement to get to Cody Rhodes and his Undisputed WWE Championship.

With the title on the line at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 scheduled to be an ‘I Quit Match’, let us take a look at possible outcomes for the high-stakes rematch between Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles:

1. Cody wins clean to end the rivalry at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024

AJ Styles defeated LA Knight to earn the right to challenge Cody Rhodes for his Undisputed WWE Championship at WWE Backlash France. That was a dream match that The American Nightmare has always wanted since The Phenomenal One is one of the greatest in the business and has also competed against Rhodes’ father, the late Dusty Rhodes. The duo had a terrific match together which stole the show in France, however, Styles still fell short in his attempt to slither the title from him.

After blindsiding and attacking Cody Rhodes on Friday Night Smackdown, AJ Styles got his rematch with the Prodigal Son in an ‘I Quit’ match at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 which could end with Rhodes getting the victory clean by launching a vicious assault with object and ounce of the environment in sight. This could see him moving on to new opponents which will continue to solidify Cody Rhodes as a legitimate Champion in the WWE.

2. The OC interferes to cost Cody Rhodes his title

AJ Styles is on a rampage and is willing to do anything necessary to beat Cody Rhodes and take the Undisputed title away from him. After an unsuccessful attempt at winning the title at WWE Backlash, Styles got another title opportunity for WWE Clash at the Castle 2024, possibly coming up with a new plan to get the job done this time.

Styles will be battling The Prodigal Son in an ‘I Quit’ ‘match in Scotland, and with no rules in place, fans can certainly expect The OC, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to interfere in the match and cost Rhodes his prestigious title.

3. AJ Styles loses and takes official retirement

WWE fans believed after his loss at WWE Backlash in the main event that AJ Styles might be hanging up his boots and calling it quits on his WWE career. The Phenomenal One kept on hinting at his retirement and did an entry segment only to do a blindside attack at Cody Rhodes to get one more match for the Undisputed WWE Championship.

WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 will feature a battle with two of the all-time greats, AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes. The fans can expect a great match out of them just like they delivered at WWE Backlash but this around should The Phenomenal One fails to capture the title, we might see him actually retiring from the in-ring competition.

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