Triple H Reveals the Bloodline Story Was Not Expected to Last Long Than It Did

Triple H

Roman Reigns’s historic 1316-day title run and The Bloodline story have defined the modern era of WWE. The Samoan faction carried the company on its shoulders for the last four years with its incredible character work, cinematic storyline, and commandery as a close-knit clan.

A massive turn came in The Bloodline story when Roman Reigns lost his Undisputed WWE Title to The Prodigal Son, Cody Rhodes in the main event of WrestleMania 40. The American Nightmare finally defeated The Tribal Chief and finished his story after coming up short at WrestleMania 39.

What did Triple H say about The Bloodline Story?

Triple H along with the current WWE Undisputed Champion joined XSpaces on X to discuss various things such as current WWE product, multiple dream matches for Cody Rhodes, and a particular topic that The Game touched on in regard to The Bloodline.

The Cerebral Assassin stated that nobody thought that The Bloodline story would last longer than it did when they initially started working on it. Triple H further said that adding the right twists and turns, adding extra layers to the storyline, and knowing the right time to manipulate the story is what gave the Bloodline story the legs it has today.

“With The Bloodline story was or whatever, if you put the right twists on it, nobody when we started The Bloodline story thought of it will last this long the way it did and will have the legs that it did, you just keep on manipulating the story and you just have to know when to cut it off , you have to know when to keep going.”

The Bloodline has been a remarkable success story for WWE which helped them to elevate so many WWE superstars to the main event level. With a new chapter unfolding in Solo Sikoa taking over the reins and adding Tama Tonga to the group, we will have to wait and see what happens next in the Bloodline saga.

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