Did John Cena India Visit Get a Special Message From the Indian PM Amidst His G20 Summit Schedule?

john cena india

JOHN CENA INDIA– the two powerful entities that met 48 hours ago and created a magical night in the city of Hyderabad. The face that runs the place was the star attraction for the company’s first live event in India, WWE Superstar Spectacle, where 5000+ strong came to see The Champ in the house.

But was The Cenation Leader’s mesmerizing presence in the great nation of India such a huge attraction in the media and among the fan base that the Indian Prime Minster got some time to acknowledge it too?

John Cena India Relationship Made Even Special By Modi Too?

John Cena was announced to be a part of WWE Superstar Spectacle amidst the event’s ongoing ticket sales. Moreover, his immense drawing power made sure that it would be a sold-out night for the company at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad.

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The 16-time World Champion put up a stellar in-ring performance, teaming up with current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to defeat the team of Ludwig Kaisar and Giovanni Vinci at the event. Following their victory, Cena took the microphone to address the passionate Indian fan base in attendance thanking them for the opportunity.

Furthermore, following his successful expedition to India, he was congratulated by a huge number of fans on X including a blue tick account that said the name “Narendra Modi” in the beginning. However, to the surprise of many, it was not the real Prime Minister, but a fan account who expressed their gratefulness towards John Cena.

john cena india
John Cena snapped with South Superstar Karthi during his visit to Hyderabad, India

“Thank you for coming to India 🇮🇳 we love you Cena ❤️.”

Ever since the blue tick accounts were made available to every user via subscription, it has been hard for everyone to keep track of celebrities often mistaking them for fan accounts. This has caused mass confusion on a global scale. (including us as well, we admit it)

On the other hand, Narendra Modi and John Cena are no strangers to each other. Mr. Modi once found himself snapped doing the iconic ‘You Can’t See Me’ gesture made popular by Cena. Furthermore, John has been known to post mysterious pictures related to Modi’s nation and one of the PM himself as well.

But the only reason Mr. Narendra Modi would not have found time to acknowledge John Cena in the country is due to being preoccupied with the historic G20 Summit hosted in Delhi with the leaders of 20 different nations.

What is next for John Cena after return from India?

After putting on an excellent show alongside the WWE roster in India, John Cena’s mysterious Instagram recently pointed to the fact that he was back in the United States. The post indicated that Cena was feeling jet-lagged following a hectic and long travel schedule, as he reportedly left the night after WWE Superstar Spectacle came to an end.

Moreover, John Cena is advertised to appear on SmackDown for a couple of upcoming shows, becoming a constant fixture on the blue brand for an extended period. Before traveling to India, Cena hosted WWE Payback, where he was the special guest referee for the LA Knight vs. The Miz match and found himself in a physical confrontation with Jimmy Uso on SmackDown before the WWE PLE.

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We along with the entire fanbase of India thank John Cena for gracing us with his presence in our country. Do you want to see John Cena back in India for future appearances? Sound off in the comments!