Cody Rhodes’ Fan Connection Strengthened Following $800M WWE Superstar’s Rejection

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes and the WWE Universe started a movement, that began with a groundswell, and later carved it into a revolution. Despite multiple obstacles stacked in his path, The American Nightmare was determined to create history and dethrone Roman Reigns after being backed up by millions of WWE fans across the globe.

As a result, Cody Rhodes made history at WrestleMania 40, defeating The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns to become the new Undisputed WWE Champion, ending a historic four-year title run in the process and “Finished his Story’. However, it would not have been possible if it was not for his special connection with the fans who brushed away a much big megastar in his favor on the road to WrestleMania.

Cody Rhodes’ fan connection strengthened following the $800M WWE Superstar’s rejection

Cody Rhodes joined popular MMA host and podcaster, Ariel Helwani on his podcast, ‘The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani’, where he discussed the fans’ uproar and connection that helped and motivated him to fulfill his dream.

Moreover, witnessing the fans’ rejecting his heated rival and one of the biggest stars in the business, The Rock made him believe in himself to achieve his destiny and dedicate his win to his father Dusty Rhodes, his daughter Liberty, and the entire WWE Universe who led him to the main event of WrestleMania once again.

“I feel I if I didn’t believe right and I know some people have been like it doesn’t sound like he believes he’s going to beat Roman and win Roman even if I didn’t believe these fans believed so much that they turned away The Rock of all people for me to get a shot at finishing the story so this whole WrestleMania you know all he dedicates it to Dusty he dedicated to his daughter Liberty all those things yeah but it’s also dedicated to the fans it’s a fan created WrestleMania.”

The Prodigal Son has fulfilled his dreams of becoming a WWE Champion and is now determined to become the most successful WWE Superstar of all time, which will see him defending his title against Logan Paul at WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE and continue his quest of being a fighting champion in WWE.

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