Liv Morgan Dominik Mysterio Steamy Moments on WWE RAW

liv morgan

Liv Morgan is one of the most popular and talked about Superstars in WWE today. The Miracle Kid has the WWE Universe talking due to her controversial relationship with Dominik Mysterio, which has become increasingly romantic every week. Morgan has been trying to lure the former NXT North American Champion for weeks now, and it appears that she might have succeeded in her plans.

Upon returning to the company in January this year, Liv Morgan started her ‘Liv Morgan Revenge Tour’ to ruin her rival, Rhea Ripley’s life. Morgan has been successful in her endeavours so far. She has put Ripley on the shelf and taken her WWE Women’s World title, and the next thing on her mind is to steal Mami’s Latino Heat, Dominik Mysterio.

Let us take a look at all the steamy moments that have happened recently between Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio:

1. The Controversial Kiss

Liv Morgan won the WWE Women’s World Championship from Becky Lynch after an accidental assist from Dominik Mysterio, who flew all the way to Jeddah to stop Liv Morgan from winning the title but ended up accidentally helping her after he threw a chair in the ring which Morgan used to put away The Man.

Becky Lynch would get her rematch with Morgan for her title in a steel cage match on the following Monday Night RAW, where WWE Universe witnesses Dominik once again cost The Man the match. After retaining her title, Morgan would shock the WWE Universe by kissing Dominik Mysterio in a very controversial fashion that left the fans buzzing and garnered significant traction for the company.

2. Liv Morgan offering Dominik Mysterio her hotel room key card

The current WWE Women’s World Champion was hellbent on luring Dirty Dom, and she went to the extent where Morgan was seen passing her hotel room key card to Dominik Mysterio to ensure she was taking Mysterio away from his Mami, Rhea Ripley.

Liv Morgan won’t stop there as, after passing her keys to Dirty Dom, she begins calling him ‘Daddy’ to seduce further the former NXT North American Champion, telling him how a guy like him does not need MAMI but a girl who would call him her ‘Daddy’.

3. Landing on top of Dirty Dom

Every week on Monday Night RAW, Liv Morgan would come up with something different to seduce Dominik Mysterio. Last week, Morgan made further advances towards Dirty Dom and ended up falling on top of him.

Liv Morgan was at the ringside when the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Zelina Vega attacked her who was trying to interfere in Dragon Lee’s match against Dominik Mysterio and pushed Morgan to land on top of Dirty Dom to create yet another seducing moment.

4. Stealing Dominik’s Vest

On this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW, WWE Universe witnessed Dominik Mysterio losing his signature vest. Later on, it was revealed that Liv Morgan had stolen it from his locker room and came out wearing Dominik’s vest during the Money in the Bank qualifier match.

Towards the end of the night, WWE fans saw Dominik asking the current WWE Women’s World Champion to give his vest back to him. Morgan asked Dirty Dom to take it off her on his own to seduce Dominik Mysterio with her shenanigans further until the moment was interrupted by Damian Priest.

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