Bray Wyatt’s Legacy Has 4 WWE Routes to Stay Alive Forever

bray wyatt's family

Bray Wyatt will always remain etched in the hearts of fans as one of the most influential WWE superstars of all time. The Eater of Worlds left us all for heavenly abode on 24th August 2023, after passing away in his sleep reportedly due to a cardiac arrest. Wyatt left behind his beautiful family, friends, and fans who are still grieving his loss.

However, as it is rightfully said, life has to move on and so do those people who lost their beloved Bray Wyatt, largely his family members. However, they can be the ones to keep Bray’s legacy alive in that space where he had the whole world in his hands, should WWE decide to explore these 4 directions.

4. Uncle Howdy Continues The Reign Of Darkness

bray wyatt uncle howdy

Bray Wyatt’s second coming in WWE saw him align with the dark aura of the mysterious masked figure, Uncle Howdy, who many have speculated was played by his real-life brother, Bo Dallas. The duo had formed a dangerous alliance together taking out various WWE superstars such as HitRow, LA Knight, and Bobby Lashley.

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With Wyatt’s disappearance from WWE television programming, Howdy also vanquished into the darkness not to be seen again. However, WWE can choose to bring him back for a program with a top star as a way to keep Bray’s presence alive among the WWE Universe moving forward.

3. Bray Wyatt’s Father Full-Time Return To WWE TV After Years

Bray Wyatt's father

Before the WWE Universe got introduced to Bray Wyatt, the fans of the golden era witnessed his father, IRS Man Mike Rotunda make his mark inside the squared circle. Moreover, Rotunda also worked in WWE backstage roles and even made some TV appearances over the years.

Furthermore, fans can experience Bray Wyatt’s aura on live television with the return of his father in a full-time capacity role. Mr. Rotunda could find himself aligned with Uncle Howdy (if the rumors of Bo Dallas playing the character are true) or another top-caliber WWE star, keeping the impeccable impact of his son relevant for years to come.

2. Bo Dallas Gets A Top Level WWE Run

bray wyatt bo dallas

While Bray Wyatt emerged as a main-event star attraction for WWE, his real-life brother Bo Dallas did not achieve the same level of success in the company. Bo did have a promising start in NXT, even reigning as the world champion of the former Black and Gold brand. However, his main roster run largely featured him as a mid-card or enhancement talent.

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But he was seemingly gaining momentum portraying the character of Uncle Howdy alongside his late brother according to multiple reports. However, WWE can explore the possibility of making Bo Dallas a top star much like Bray Wyatt by repackaging him as a new and intriguing character, giving him meaningful TV time and program and perhaps a championship run. In this way, the company can embed the enormous success of Wyatt into his own bloodline and have Wyatt live in the hearts of millions forever.

1. Give Jojo A Chance To Become The Head Of The Table

bray wyatt

Bray Wyatt’s passing has left a deep impact on fans all around the globe. But the one person who was destined to spend the rest of her life with him, day in and day out, and must have been affected the most is his fiance and the mother of Wyatt’s children, Jojo Offerman. While Bray chose to entertain the fans with his skill and in-ring talent and be the sole breadwinner of the family, Jojo chose to raise the family inside the house.

However, with Wyatt’s unfortunate demise, Jojo would have to step up for her household and assume Bray’s responsibilities alongside her duties of being a mother. Moreover, WWE could help her by giving her old job back of being a WWE ring announcer to support the Rotunda family and keep the legacy of the former WWE champion alive through his fiance’s onscreen presence.

Do you think WWE can play a huge part in supporting Bray Wyatt’s family as the family recovers from this unfortunate tragedy? Sound off in the comments!