Wrestleverse 3
Wrestleverse 3
Wrestleverse 3

Ever Wanted to Become a CHAMPION
Now is your chance to Shine

Wrestleverse 3
Wrestleverse 3
Wrestleverse 3

The Biggest Wrestling Quiz Competition of India


 Rs 100 (only online beat the clock qualifier)

Rs 500


– WrestleVerse General access event ticket


– Participate only in the Online Beat the Clock qualifier


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Rs 1000


– WrestleVerse Silver access event ticket


– Participate in the Online Beat the Clock qualifier


– Participate in the Offline Beat the Clock qualifier at the specified experience zone at Wrestle Verse


– Participate in the Pre-event Gaming tournament qualifier (Prize Money: Rs 5,000) at NXGT Gaming Lounge on 1st February 2023


– Participate in the Offline Gaming tournament qualifier (Prize Money: Rs 5,000) at the specified experience zone at WrestleVerse


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Rules for Trivia Challenge

  1. Go to https://wrestlefanent.com/beat-the-clock/ and Sign Up for the WRESTLEVERSE WRESTLING CHALLENGE.

  2. This will be a Beat the Clock challenge where you have to finish the quiz in the least time with maximum right answers. The questions will be based on WWE, AEW, IMPACT, Indian and others.

  3. For Basic ticket holders, the signup fee will be Rs. 100. However, the qualifiers are inclusive of the Premium and Superstar tickets.

  4. Fans can also choose to pay the sign fee without purchasing the event ticket. However, in case of selection, they would be required to purchase an event ticket to compete in the main challenge.

  5. The online qualifiers will end 5 days before the main event.

  6. Top 10 Players would be selected from the online qualifiers.
  1. The fans who are not selected in the online qualifiers can take the beat-the-clock challenge again at the event.

  2. Fans can register at the WrestleVerse trivia challenge area registration desk.

  3. The second chance is FREE for the Superstar Ticket holders.

  4. The second chance signup for Basic and Premium Ticker Holders is Rs 100.

  5. Fans can play another Beat the Clock challenge at the desk to secure a place in the Top 10 Players in the offline qualifiers.

  6. The offline qualifiers will be open for 3 hours from the event’s start time.
  1. The main Wrestling Trivia Challenge will happen between the Top 20 Players selected from Online and Offline qualifiers.

  2. The challenge will happen inside the Wrestling ring conducted by the WFE Founder/CEO.

  3. Before the challenge starts in the ring, an #EntertheRing segment will take place. The host will ask 12 questions. Every participant who answers right will enter the ring and will compete in the Final Challenge as a part of the Top 12. The remaining 8 will be eliminated.

  4. There will be 2 rounds in the challenge. The first round will have 10 questions. At the end of Round 1, 6 Players will be eliminated and the final round will happen between the remaining 6.

  5. The final round will have 20 questions. The fan that answers the most questions will become the winner and the first-ever Champion of India fans.

1. The winner will get the WFE World Heavyweight Championship belt, a cash reward of Rs 10,000, and other sponsor goodies.


2. Top 2 runner-ups will also get Gifts and Goodies.

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Wrestleverse 3
  • The grant received from Dream Deal Have been allocated for the event.

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