Wrestle Mania 38 : Fantasy Booking - 2

Writer: Yash Deo

WrestleMania 38 Night One

6. Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio V/S The Miz & Logan Paul (With Jake Paul)

Wrestle Mania 38

 Image Courtesy: WWE

Build: The same build as the one that we have now. I will not change anything from that build. During the preshow, Dominik will be attacked from a fan wearing a Mysterio mask. The fan wearing the mask is revealed to be Jake Paul. It is now confirmed that Dominik will not be able to compete in tonight’s match. This means that Rey will have to face Miz & Logan Paul in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

Dominik tells his dad to call the match off, but Rey tells him that their family doesn’t give up. “You know that”. Dominik hesitantly allows it.


Match: Bad Bunny will make his WrestleMania return wearing the same mask that Rey gave him after Royal Rumble.

It’s on now, Rey Mysterio & Bad Bunny V/S The Miz & Logan Paul.


Winner: Rey Mysterio & Bad Bunny.

(After the match, Bad Bunny and Mysterio celebrate as Dominik looks on from the back disappointed.)


  • Planting seeds for Rey Mysterio V/S Dominik Mysterio down the road. You can even call up Legado Del Fantasma from NXT for the feud.

--------The Kevin Owens Show with Stone Cold Steve Austin--------

Wrestle Mania 38

Image Courtesy: WWE

Segment: Steve Austin returns to a thunderous pop from the Texas crowd. He will make his entrance on a tank with Shotzi Blackheart driving it. (Yes, it’s an actual tank and not the one Shotzi used to use)

In my booking, Shotzi’s still a babyface.

  • Austin will get down from the tank and walk down the ramp to the ring.

Kevin Owens will get a referee out during the segment and tell Austin, that he’s ready to open a can of whoop ass on Texas’ own Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin will reveal that he’s wearing his wrestling attire inside his normal clothes and tells Owens that he’s ready for it.










7. Stone Cold Steve Austin V/S Kevin Owens (No DQ Match)

Image Courtesy: WWE

Wrestle Mania 38

KO will be hit by a Superkick outta nowhere from Shawn Michaels. Other WWE Hall of Famers from Texas will also join Shawn Michaels and perform their finishers on Kev. Austin will show KO the middle finger and give him a Stone-Cold Stunner to pick up the win. After that he will share beers with Michaels, Booker T and JBL.


  • Kevin laid out on the floor will slowly get up and grab Michael Cole’s headset and yell at the camera saying that Austin is just like Texas and that he can’t fight his battles on his own.

Austin hears this and asks his fellow HOF friends to leave the ring and invites Owens back to the ring. Kevin doesn’t enter the ring and leaves saying that he’s smarter than that. Austin continues to celebrate but you can see on Austin’s face that the comment that Owens made is bothering him.




-------MAIN EVENT-------

8. Edge V/S AJ Styles (Three Stages of Hell)

Wrestle Mania 38

Image Courtesy: WWE

Build: The build is perfect, no need to add anything to it. The only thing that I am gonna add is the stipulation. These two will fight in a Three Stages of Hell Match. We will be running down all the classics match types that are associated with these two men.

  • Match One: Tables Match (Styles Wins)
  • Match Two : First Brood Match/ First Blood Match (Edge Wins)
  • *Match Three: Black Steel Cage Match (Styles Wins)

**The black steel cage is inspired from the Lethal Lockdown Match in TNA/Impact.


Winner: AJ Styles* (2-1)


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