Wrestle Mania 38 : Fantasy Booking - 1

Writer: Yash Deo

WrestleMania 38 Night One

1.Big E V/S Seth Rollins (5-Count Pinfall Match)

Wrestle Mania 38

 Image Courtesy: WWE

Build: The story is already there. Big E defeated Seth Rollins to become the NXT Champion, back in  2013. On the RAW episode after EC, Rollins is cutting a promo on how he doesn’t have an opponent for WrestleMania and quite frankly, it’s because he has defeated everyone on the RAW roster.


He gets interrupted by returning Big E, who we haven’t seen since Day 1. He tells Rollins that there’s one person that he hasn’t defeated in singles competition and it’s him. He shows the video of him beating Rollins in NXT to become the NXT Champion. Rollins accepts the challenge laid out by Big E and it’s on.


  • The match gets turned into a 5-count pinfall match, as Big E believes that he can get the job done in a 5 counts. This is a call back to his character in NXT. He will even come out to the ring with the theme song, “Three ain’t enough, I need five”.

Match: Big E will pin Rollins for 3 counts in the match but he will kick out at the fourth count. Corey Graves can say something like, “If this was a normal match, this would have been over already. But Big E’s ego got the better of him.


Winner: Seth Rollins*

  • He picks up the win with the help of the current NXT champion, Bron Breakker.

(Breakker became a 2-time NXT champion defeating Ziggler at NXT Stand & Deliver.)


2.Naomi V/S Sonya Deville (Career V/S Career) *No Disqualification Match

Wrestle Mania 38

Image Courtesy: WWE

Build: Do I even need to say anything for this one? These two have been feuding for months and a feud like that deserves a singles match at WrestleMania.


Stephanie McMahon will make her return on SmackDown and confront Sonya Deville, telling her how she has been abusing her powers on SD. She will announce the match between Deville & Naomi. If Deville fails to defeat Naomi at WM, then she will be stripped from her role as SmackDown’s GM, and she will never be seen again on SmackDown.


  • Considering Sonya’s still GM till WM, Sonya adds another stipulation to the match where if Naomi were to lose, she can never wrestle on SD again.

Match: Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir & Jessaamyn Duke will interfere in the match trying to cost Naomi the match. ‘Returning’ Sasha Banks & Tamina  (Team BAD) will take care of the odds, and brawl out with the Three Horsewoman outside the ring. The match will end with Naomi picking up the win.


Winner: Naomi*

3. RK-Bro (C) V/S Street Profits V/S Alpha Academy (Triple Threat Match for WWE Raw Tag Titles)

Wrestle Mania 38

Image Courtesy: WWE

Build: Randy Orton & Matt Riddle will have tensions heading to WrestleMania. They will start a losing streak starting on the March 14th’s edition of Monday Night Raw losing to Street Profits. (Montez Ford pins Randy Orton)


The losing streak will continue on the upcoming weeks with mostly Randy getting pinned. On the RAW before WM, Randy Orton will turn on Matt Riddle hitting him with the RKO. He picks a steel chair from the time keeper’s area and starts hitting Riddle with it. The segment ends with Orton punting Riddle. The commentators note that RK-Bro have to still defend their championships at Mania.


Match: Matt Riddle & Randy Orton will have a dick-measuring contest with both of theme beating the other opponents. During the closing moments of the match, Randy Orton will hit RKO on Matt Riddle. Chad Gable will go for the pin but Randy will break the pin and hit him with an RKO too.


  • He will then lay Riddle’s unconscious body over Gable as the ref would count 1…2…3! Orton leaves the ring smirking.

Winner: Orton & Riddle* (Still RAW Tag Team Champions)

4. Corbin & Madcap Moss V/S McIntyre & *Mystery Partner (Tag Team Match)

Wrestle Mania 38

Image Courtesy: WWE

Build: The same build as the one we currently have but, rather than it being Madcap Moss V/S McIntyre. It’s going to be a tag team match. McIntyre will tease this mystery partner on SD before WM, saying it’s someone he that he has won gold with before.



Match: McIntyre will make his entrance and then wait for his mystery partner to come out.

“I am here to show the world, I am here to show the world. COME ON!” Dolph Ziggler will come out  with his stomach covered with tape. The crowd will boo Ziggler as he would make his way to the ring, and grab a microphone.


Ziggler: “You made the right choice, picking me Drew. I might have lost the NXT Championship at Stand & Deliver, but I’m still Dolph Freaking Ziggler. And I still GOT IT!”


McIntyre: “It’s not you, Dolph”. 


“Wrestling has more than one, royal family.” Cody Rhodes will come out to a loud pop and would take Ziggler out with a Cross Rhodes. 



Winner: Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre* (Cody will be the first wrestler to kick out of End of Days)


5. Becky Lynch (C) V/S Ronda Rousey (Singles Match for RAW Woman’s Championship)

Wrestle Mania 38

Image Courtesy: WWE

Build: Again, do I even need to say anything about this one? The story just writes itself.

Match: Before the match, she will have a moment with the other members of the Four Horsewoman. She will look at them in Gorilla’s position and shake her head in disappointment before making her entrance down to the ring.

Winner: Ronda Rousey*  (New Raw Women’s Champion)

(She will defeat Becky with a roll-up, the same way Becky did at WM 35.)


  • Their feud will continue to Backlash with Becky finally making Ronda tap-out to secure the win.

 Wrestle Mania 38 : Fantasy Booking – 2