HOW SPANDAN RECREATED THE HEIST OF THE CENTURY IN WFE: Spandan Mohapatra's cash in to become WFE Champion

heist of the century

Writer: Nikunj Walia

The world of Wrestlefanent is a universe where wrestling fans live their passion in a fan-suitable competitive format to participate in online and on-ground events in Wrestling Trivia and Promo matches with themes inspired from various WWE shows creating some fascinating stories in the fan community of India.


 We take you on a behind the scenes tour of one of the most accomplished WFE Superstar, Spandan Mohapatra who went from winning WFE’s Fanent in the Bank briefcase at the namesake event inspired by WWE Money in the bank which guaranteed him a title shot at the brand’s WFE World Championship to cashing it in at their first PPV event- Fanentmania recreating WWE’s famous Heist of the Century at Wrestlemania 31

1. WFE Championship match one week before the event

heist of the century

WFE Championship Trivia match: Prachi Sahay (c) vs King Spandan- Dec 2020

History in the wrestling fan universe could have been altered one week before the Fanent in the Bank event. Spandan was coming off a huge win at WFE’s another unique tournament on Instagram called The King of the Promo, a Promo battle elimination tournament where fans competed in a verbal battle against each other and the winner was decided through Instagram polls by the audience.

The tournament win granted Spandan a wrestling trivia match against then-reigning WFE Champion Prachi Sahay, dubbed as The Man of WFE for her extremely dominant performances just a few days before the Fanent in the Bank event where everyone fan participating was eyeing to grab that opportunistic briefcase that could easily lead them to the championship gold.

Despite a brilliant performance using his entire wrestling knowledge, Spandan fell short of the champion failing to capture the world championship with just days left before the entry procedure for the FITB event was about to close.

2. Climbing the Question Ladder

heist of the century

After suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of the WFE Champion Prachi, Spandan decided to bounce right back instead of getting at the back of the line and signed up for the Wrestlefanent’s Money in the bank inspired trivia event at the last minute.


He managed to put up a great performance against twenty-two other competitors who were also gunning for the prestigious briefcase. It came down to the last trivia question with Spandan and Gandharv Kainth, known as The Dominator among the WFE Universe where the future WFE Tribal Chief slithered his way to the victory with the correct answer and won the Fanent in the Bank briefcase.


The Briefcase contained a contract stating that he could cash it in anytime in a ten-question match against the reigning World Champion of Wrestlefanent with five questions being on a topic selected by the FITB briefcase holder along with five other general trivia questions.


Spandan’s victory had given him a golden opportunity to win the WFE championship and claim his destiny of becoming a true champion.

3. Backstage Dilemma with the contract holder

heist of the century
The emerging superstar of the fan universe had a once-in-a-lifetime chance in the palm of his hands that would certainly assure his victory in the process of capturing the world championship. But it is said that power in the hands of a person works only if it’s given the right direction.

The right direction was something that was missing in Spandan’s approach towards cashing in the contract that would have made his reign come to life.

At the same time, WFE was repackaging their event format producing them in the form of PPV events with different types of Trivia and Promo matches, backstage segments, interviews drawing inspiration from wrestling shows in a fan suited online format, coming up with their first PPV show titled ‘FANENTMANIA- The Grandest show for the wrestling fans.’

During his dilemma process, he went to seek advice and have multiple discussions with the WFE Founder, Nikunj Walia on finding the opportunistic time to claim his moment with the Boss hinting him to consider the cash in at the very first PPV event which itself was a part of history.

4. Heist of the Century

heist of the century
The Wrestling fans were about to see the emergence of a new and intriguing format of fan competition with Wrestlefanent’s first-ever two-day PPV show- Fanentmania with fans from all over India, special guests, and the introduction of the second world championship for the fans to win- WFE Universe championship.

The first day saw the Fanent in the Bank contract holder competed against an old foe at the event in a promo match delivering a screeching verbal smackdown and gaining a monumental victory in the process. But the calculative superstar’s master plan was about to unfold by the end of the night.

The main event featured then reigning WFE Champion Gandharv vs another WFE Superstar, Yash Deo is known for being an underdog failing to win high profile events and placing second in most of them with WFE’s belt maker and WWE India’s officially recognized Jeff Hardy’s biggest fan in India Abhiram more commonly known as Ab Hardy among the fan community as the special guest referee in a No Holds Barred Trivia match for the title.  
heist of the century

A high-stakes title match saw Yash Deo finally ending his losing streak and claiming his very first world championship in WFE defeating the Dominator in a close combat trivia match. Just as the new champion was about to close out the first day of the event with a massive victory, we were ready to see a famous WWE scenario recreated in the wrestling fan universe.

The online screen panned towards a screen with the Fanent in the Bank briefcase in sight signaling that Spandan was ready to cash in the briefcase on the new champion Yash on the Grandest online fan stage reminiscent of WWE Superstar Seth Rollins cashing in his WWE Money in the Bank contract at Wrestlemania 31 and the impromptu match was underway. Using his exceptionally well tactic of selecting a less informative topic for the first five questions, Spandan managed to get all 5 of them correct.

While Yash tried to fight back getting the next two answers right off the trivia, his fate was sealed with the next right answer given by the challenger, and that marked the end of the title bout.

heist of the century

With that final question answered, Spandan had recreated WWE’s Heist of the Century defeating Yash Deo in 13:14 minutes taking away his glorious moment and becoming the fourth WFE Superstar to win the WFE championship embarking on an impressive 100-day reign as champion earning the nickname ‘The Head of the Table.’

While WFE has seen a lot of great moments in the years of its existence, this one would surely be etched at the top of the history books of Wrestlefanent.

heist of the century