“The All Mighty” Bobby Lashley - A Soldier, An Olympian, The Champion

Bobby Lashley

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Writer: Shashank Mehndiratta

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has established himself as one of the most legitimate wrestlers in the history of pro wrestling. Especially during his second run in WWE, winning multiple championships cemented his legacy as the All-Mighty .

So let us take a look at the 5 most important role that makes him different from anyone in the Sports Entertainment Network.

5. A Soldier

Bobby Lashley

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The All Mighty’s Father was a US Army Drill Sergeant and This meant a lot of moving around for the youngster and his three sisters during their childhood.

Of course, this made it difficult for Franklin to lay any roots down but he was able to find his passion in athletics particularly amateur wrestling.

Even after graduating high school he continued to wrestle, Shifting his Passion into a Flourishing career

And the only thing that stopped him from winning this for the fourth year was the fact that he had graduated.
After college, he decided to follow his father’s footsteps by joining the Army While serving he managed to compete in the military’s world-class athlete program winning both gold and silver medals in the International Military Sports Council Senior Freestyle Wrestling Event.

This means that his passion for wrestling followed him everywhere.

4. An Olympian

Bobby Lashley

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At one point it even looked like he might try out for the 2004 US Olympics Team but this was halted when Bobby injured his knee diving for cover to avoid gunfire during a Bank Robbery he witnessed.

Effectively ending his amateur dreams in their tracks nevertheless the future WWE champion was just too much of a warrior to let things end there so when the doors of the amateur world closed he simply kicked open the doors to the pros instead.

3. A Pro Wrestler & A MMA Fighter

Bobby Lashley

Image Courtesy: MMA

Bobby Lashley

He had long harbored ambitions of Entering the world of MMA and leaving WWE gave him the perfect opportunity to do so, His Debut fight would come soon after on December 13th, 2008. Where he took on Joshua Franklin at the Mixed Fighting Alliances Event, winning the match by TKO in just 41 seconds and from there he continued to impress in the world of MMA racking up four overall wins by June of 2009. of course, that wasn’t to say he was done with pro wrestling entirely .

Video Courtesy: MMA

He signed with TNA on July 15th of that same year. After winning important matches, he announced his real reason for coming to the company in the first place to become a simultaneous champion in both Pro wrestling and MMA.
The Road to this Goal would see him go on an Undefeated Streak.

It took some time but he finally found a balance that allowed him to live out both dreams simultaneously and this continued into 2015 and 2016 as he dominated both promotions by october 21st of 2016

He had even submitted Joshua Pelt at Bellator 162 to raise his record to 15 and 2.

Meanwhile, on TNA he had sent Kurt Angle packing from the company after beating him in what was effectively a loser leaves town match, Soon after that he would re-enter the world title picture again eventually winning the belt for the third time after beating drew galloway at the slammiversary pay-per-view cementing himself by then as the real deal and TNA’s equivalent of brock lesnar an unstoppable force who fans knew could take anyone down and both worked and shoot matches there was even some speculation at this point that he might return to WWE with many fans salivating at the prospects of seeing him finally take on the beast

So after proving himself in both MMA and Pro. It was his time to Shine in WWE and that he did when he defeated the beast giving us a Match to Remember at Wrestlemania .

2. An Actor

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley has also made small appearances in movies such as ‘The Way of War,’ and ‘Blood Out.’
He has also been featured in TV shows such as ‘Deal or No Deal,’ and ‘Rush Hour.’

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1. WWE Superstar

Bobby Lashley

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Lashley first entered the squared circle through WWE’s Smackdown, where he won ECW Championship ( 2 times ) and US Championship. Giving his fans great Rivalries between Him and Umaga, Vince Mcmahon, Shawn McMahon and Finally coming head to head with John Cena, Everyone that he was going to be the Next face of WWE taking John Cena place but then he was released by WWE , which took everyone by Surprise. 


After honing his craft in the MMA world outside of WWE, Lashley made a surprise return to Raw in 2018 and has been on a path of dominance ever since.

Since his return, “The All-Mighty” has won both the Intercontinental and United States Championships and risen to prominence as the Chief Hurt Officer of The Hurt Business, a faction formed with MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander. Lashley finally won the big one when he defeated an outmatched Miz to become the new WWE Champion on an episode of Raw in 2021, Putting the awesome one down with his unbreakable Hurt Lock and

Regaining it a second time on Royal Rumble 2021 defeating Brock Lesnar thanks to a well-timed assist by Roman Reigns.

Championships and Achievements

  • Third in the USA World Team Trials Senior Freestyle (2003)

  • NYAC Christmas Tournament Senior Freestyle Silver Medalist (2001)

  • CISM Armed Forces Championships Senior Freestyle Gold Medalist (2003)

  • CISM Armed Forces Championships Senior Freestyle Silver Medalist (2002)

  • CISM Military World Championships Senior Freestyle Silver Medalist (2002)

  • KWCA Collegiate Wrestler of the Year (1998)

  • Shark Fights Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

  • TNA/Impact World Heavyweight Championship (4 times

  • TNA King of the Mountain Championship (1 time, final)

  • TNA X Division Championship (1 time)

  • TNA Championship Series (2009)

  • ECW World Championship (2 times)

  • WWE Intercontinental Championship (2 time)

  • WWE United States Championship (2 time)

  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship (2 time)