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Writer: Nikunj Walia 

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The world of professional wrestling or as the almighty Vince McMahon calls it, Sports Entertainment might look to be spectacular and glamorous from the outside, but backstage influence, legacy, physical conditioning, and presentation make it the toughest and most grueling pathway for every wrestling aspirant to make a name for themselves. 


While we all know that great physical shape and high in-ring acumen form the very foundation of a wrestling career, there is one major factor that every aspirant tends to ignore during their early beginnings, mid-way, and sometimes even when they have made it to their dream promotion or in the middle of working for it.


It might come as a major surprise for wrestling students who aspire to become WWE or AEW Superstars, but there is one more key component that is required to ride the wave of success in the Sports-Entertainment business- understanding the CREATIVE aspect of this physical and captivating world.

Wrestle Mania 38

I believe your head might be crowded up with the highly popular WHAT chants of Stone Cold Steve Austin after reading this, but yes it is true.


You might have the strongest and toughest outlook with a chiseled physique or learn the art of the ropes at the highest level and become a highly skilled and technical wrestler, but the omission of Creative understanding of the wrestling world would never earn an aspirant a spot among the top names of the industry like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, and even the modern-day Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.



Wrestle Mania 38

Creative in wrestling can be described as the Process of Step by Step developing an identity in the wrestling business to represent in-ring skills, talent, and the ability to connect with the audience to become a Superstar. Some of the aspects of Creative are:

  1. Character Development- Physical and Presentation attributes
  2. The Art of Promo Delivery
  3. Wrestling Role
  4. Promotion at every stage
  5. Expert Knowledge


A person may be able to define gravity or have the strongest outlook with the most refined wrestling skills…….but if only that was enough to make it big, The Miz would have never been in the WWE for 10+years, and superstars like Heidenreich and Mason Ryan would have ruled the roost because of their size and ability.


Now that we mentioned Mike Mizanin, let’s explore the Awesome One’s journey in-depth to get some clarity on this topic.


Wrestle Mania 38

Image Courtesy: WWE


He came from WWE’s reality show, ‘Tough Enough’ with a past experience of acting and holding his presence in front of the camera. He was nowhere the definition of a star wrestler that companies look for while recruiting prospects. He was neither Roman Reigns who was well built coming from a wrestling family nor Rey Mysterio who could outshine the big guys with his high flying ability and maneuvers.


He was just a regular guy from Ohio who understood the art of character development and everything required from a creative standpoint combining it with the wrestling training he acquired during Tough Enough making the perfect blend of becoming a well-accomplished superstar in the industry.


Looking at the incredible journey of the most must-see WWE superstar of all time who was a fairly skilled wrestler, but went on to become one of the biggest names in the industry shows the utmost importance of having a character and understanding the all necessary creative aspects related to it.



Every individual who wants to make it to the big time in any industry would always seek guidance and wisdom from the experts who have been a part of the big leagues acting as catalysts to guide them to the correct path. So let’s hear the importance of creative and character development in the Sports-Entertainment from former WWE Superstar from India Satender Dagar known as Jeet Rama, current WWE RAW Superstar Rhea Ripley, and the 10-time Women’s Champion Mickie James considered a true pioneer and legend of the wrestling world.


Mickie James IMPACT Superstar





Until now, access to such creative knowledge would only be available to the highly prolific roster of companies like WWE or AEW given to them by creative experts like Bruce Pichard, Eric Bishoff, Paul Heyman, Vince Russo known for their extremely well logical and creative approach in not only building characters but wrestling shows as well.


But now, every aspirant can get access to this wealth of expertise of what many consider the second and most important building block of a successful wrestling career after learning the noble art of wrestling inside the squared circle, at the ease of their home, or anywhere in the world.



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A creatively devised and unique online system that would bring out a persona from the inner depths of your life, add important elements to make it work, and help you take a leap of success in your professional wrestling career.


A sneak peek of C.W.D.C- The most unique, affordable, and never seen before knowledge #4Life


The vision of the Creative Wrestler Development Course is to help hundreds of aspiring, upcoming, and current wrestlers from anywhere in the world to:


1) Build intriguing and creatively sound characters
2) Developing overall onscreen personalities which can get over with the audience
3) The art of Promo Delivery and its various parameters
4) Importance of creative aspects for a wrestler’s career
5) How to add layers to characters to keep them relevant
6) Importance of storylines in promotions and how they can play a part in developing it with the top management of the companies.
7) Ways to maximize reach among the masses on their own

Wrestle Mania 38
To summarise the entire concept:
"You train to become a Wrestler.....and we guide you towards becoming a Superstar."


MEET C.W.D.C First Aspirant-  A Superstar from WWE NXT 2.0


The Creative Wrestler Development Course began with a strong and fierce woman who made it to the mainstream of wrestling where every aspirant hopes to make it one day. Meet C.W.D.C’s first aspirant and the inspiration to change the lives of various professional wrestlers looking to have a successful stint in the Sports Entertainment world- WWE NXT 2.0 Superstar Sanjana George aka Vish Kanya.


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Hear what Sanjana had to say about this unique system that can disrupt the wrestling industry with a new revolution: WWE Superstar Sanjana George speaks about C.W.D.C



Wrestle Mania 38

1. 20+ Educational Videos on various topics such as the Importance of Creative, Character Development, Building exercises, Promo Delivery and Analysis, Mock Promos, Real life conversations with WWE Superstars, and their input.

Wrestle Mania 38
Wrestle Mania 38
  1. C.W.D.C E-Book-Includes educational content, clickable links, articles & more.

Wrestle Mania 38

3. A detailed list of the Best Wrestling schools all over the world.

Wrestle Mania 38

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5. Access to New Videos and Facebook Community Group.

If you are ready to begin the most exciting creative journey of becoming a successful Wrestling star, learn how to become a WWE Superstar, and change your life with this lifetime tool of creative knowledge and education, then Give Me a Hell Yeah.