WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 Predictions: Cody Rhodes’ Next Opponent for the Undisputed Championship

cody rhodes

On April 7, 2024, Cody Rhodes made history by defeating The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, to capture the Undisputed WWE Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 40. Now at the pinnacle of the wrestling world, The Prodigal Son holds the most prestigious title in the industry and has gone from the hunter to the hunted.

Moreover, Cody Rhodes is coming off two monumental title defenses, first against AJ Styles at WWE Backlash France and most recently outlasting Logan Paul at WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

With WWE already looking forward to its next PLE in Glasgow, Scotland, WWE Clash at the Castle with one World title match already announced for the show, let’s take a look at 3 possible opponents for Cody Rhodes with his Undisputed WWE Championship on the line for the show:

1. Cody Rhodes Battles a familiar foe

Cody Rhodes went from being undesirable to becoming undeniable at WrestleMania 40 when he ended the 1,316-day historic reign of Roman Reigns. With The Tribal Chief conquered, another member of his Bloodline could step up to The American Nightmare in their attempt to bring “their title” back to the faction.

The next challenger for Cody Rhodes’ WWE title reign at WWE Clash at the Castle could be the interim leader of The Bloodline, Solo Sikoa. The Enforcer has been leading the charge of The New Bloodline in Reigns’ absence and could bring back the honor to his family by attempting to dethrone Cody at the PLE for his title.

2. The American Nightmare vs The Almighty

The American Nightmare has battled the likes of top stars from high-flyers and superheavyweights in WWE such as Brock Lesnar, Carmelo Hayes, and Drew McIntyre. Another formidable opponent that could challenge Rhodes for his title at WWE Clash at the Castle could be none other than the dominant Bobby Lashley.

The Almighty has been to be a force to be reckoned with and has clinched huge wins in his career including being a multiple-time World Champion in WWE and etching other accolades. Moreover, the dominant strength and presence of Lashley against the strong athletic ability of Cody Rhodes could prove to be a stellar showdown for the audience in Glasgow, Scotland.

3. The Battle of WWE’s Top Megastars

Cody Rhodes has welcomed all formable challengers in WWE to step up to his Kingdome and put up a spectacular showdown against him in their quest to slither the Undisputed WWE Championship from him. One of those underrated WWE superstars whose popularity and in-ring acumen make him a worthy candidate to battle Rhodes for the title is LA Knight.

WWE’s resident Megastar has gained immense fame and much like Cody Rhodes, developed a strong connection with the WWE Universe. With LA Knight having all the tools to transcend as a main event player in the global juggernaut, he could prove to be an excellent opponent for Rhodes for WWE Clash at the Castle.

Do you think any of the above WWE superstars could be slated to challenge Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship at the WWE Clash at the Castle 2024? If not, who is your preference for Rhodes’ opponent for the PLE? Share your thoughts in the comments!