Uncle Howdy Wyatt Sicks: Who Are WWE RAW’s Newest Villains?

uncle howdy

Uncle Howdy finally made his highly anticipated WWE return to the WWE television programming on the June 17th edition of Monday Night RAW at Corpus Christi as revealed via hints on the programming. During the final moments of Monday Night RAW, lights went out and a door appeared marking the debut of Uncle Howdy along with his wicked faction.

The intriguing return of Uncle Howdy had WWE Universe on the edges of their seats, fans were thrilled to see the debut going down in front of them which subtly included a beautiful tribute to the late Bray Wyatt who passed away unfortunately last year. However, Uncle Howdy did not come alone as he brought his mysterious friends along with him making fans wonder about their identity.

Let us take a deep look at WWE RAW’s newest villains who have the fans in a chokehold:

1. Nikki Cross as Abby the Witch

Nikki Cross is one of WWE’s most character-driven performers who has exceeded all the expectations from the fans whenever given proper material to work. Cross was shown seemingly lost in her last few appearances and was trying to make friends but got rejections and then notably became absent from the WWE television programming for months.

The former member of Sanity appeared to play the character of Abby the Witch, the mysterious force who also was seen with Bray Wyatt after his return in 2022. Cross was the first character to appear in the programming among all members of Wyatt Sicks and looked horrifying in her first appearance.

2. Dexter Lumis as Mercy Thr Buzzard

Dexter Lumis was always one of the most mysterious and fascinating figures that WWE Universe has ever witnessed on the WWE television programming. Dexter’s aura and character always had fans second-guessing his motives and intentions, and now he has joined Uncle Howdy to make his character even more interesting.

Dexter seemingly portrays Mercy The Buzzard character among the Wyatt Sicks faction who was seen wearing a bird mask. Lumis has often long been compared to Bray Wyatt due to his character shenanigans, and his inclusion in Uncle Howdy’s faction seems to be a fitting development.

3. Erick Rowan as Rambling Rabbit

Erick Rowan was always associated with Bray Wyatt during his WWE tenure which came to an end when he was released from the company during the pandemic. A few weeks ago, multiple sources stated that Erick Rowan had signed with the WWE and fans began the speculations over Rowan’s association with Uncle Howdy’s new faction.

Rowan made his first appearance since signing with the global juggernaut as part of Wyatt Sicks when he debited alongside the rest of his teammates in the final moments of Monday Night RAW seemingly portraying the Rambling Rabbit character. Rowan was seen wearing a rabbit mask and holding a hammer with ‘Help’ written on it.

4. Joe Gacy as Huskus the Pig

Out of all the Superstars who have joined Uncle Howdy under Wyatt Sicks’ faction, the most surprising name is NXT’s Joe Gacy. Joe signed with the WWE in 2020 starting working under NXT. Gacy drew many comparisons with Bray Wyatt because of his complexity and mannerisms and is a fitting last piece for the Wyatt Sicks.

Joe’s character continued to grow darker and complex which was evident in his feud with Dijak. His inclusion in the spooky world of Uncle Howdy will gel perfectly well with the rest stars of the faction. It would be very interesting to see how everything will pan out on the WWE main roster in the future.

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