Uncle Howdy Bray Wyatt: What Has He Adopted from Him?

uncle howdy

Uncle Howdy made his huge return on the WWE television programming on the June 17, 2024, edition of Monday Night RAW in one of the most critically acclaimed segments in the history of the longest-running television show of the world.

Uncle Howdy and Wyatt Sicks were the creations of late WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt, who sadly passed away last year. Their return was to pay homage to one of the most creative minds in the world of wrestling. To acknowledge his greatness, Uncle Howdy, who is Bray’s real-life brother, Bo Dallas, has adopted a few things from him to make him a part of this creation to honour Bray’s legacy.

Let us take a look at a few things that Uncle Howdy has adopted from Bray Wyatt upon his resurgence back to WWE:

1. The Iconic Bray Wyatt Lantern

The Wyatt Sicks faction is shrouded in mysteries from all directions. The highly demented faction finally arrived at the WWE on this week’s Monday Night RAW and took out several people in Gorilla positions to make a major statement.

Uncle Howdy was seen carrying a Lantern with him to make Bray’s legacy a major part of this new creation. Lantern was the staple of Bray Wyatt’s character presentation in the WWE, and Howdy using it as part of his run makes it more enriching to his onscreen presence.

2. Uncle Howdy wore The Fiend’s glove with ‘Bray’ written over it

WWE Universe felt the sentiments when Uncle Howdy arrived with his faction on Monday Night RAW in the closing few minutes of the show.

The presentation of Wyatt Sicks’s faction did justice to represent Bray Wyatt and his vision for the faction. Apart from the aforementioned Lantern, Uncle Howdy was seen wearing The Fiend’s glove with ‘BRAY’ written all over it, making the WWE Universe realize that the creation of Wyatt Sicks was the idea of The Eater of the Worlds.

3. The Fiend entrance

One of the most terrifying characters Bray Wyatt ever donned was ‘The Fiend’, who debuted on the main roster in 2019. The character’s appeal was so fascinating that even the WWE Universe was terrified of him, and all fans loved the sight of The Fiend.

One of the most captivating parts of The Fiend’s presentation was his entrance which used to give chills to the WWE Universe. Upon the arrival of Uncle Howdy, the WWE Universe saw a similar kind of entrance in which lights completely went off the arena, fireflies came out and the fans witnessed the destruction backstage in front of their eyes, directly linking the arrival to Bray Wyatt.

4. The Wyatt Sicks name

The idea of the Wyatt Sicks faction was Bray Wyatt’s brainchild. The entire faction was supposed to debut on the WWE television programming months ago if it was not for the unfortunate passing of the former WWE Champion.

Considering Bray Wyatt’s ideas and dreams about the faction, WWE Creative and Uncle Howdy brought Wyatt’s vision to life and slightly twisted the faction’s name. Wyatt wanted to name the faction ‘Wyatt 6’, but Howdy changed the name to ‘Wyatt Sicks’ and kept the faction’s inspiration and bestowal exactly the same.

5. Supernatural elements

The key stick to Bray Wyatt’s genius mind and creations that the WWE Universe witnessed on-screen on WWE television programming is the mysterious nature of his gimmicks and character work, which always had a supernatural element to it. The return of Uncle Howdy and Wyatt Sicks on this week’s Monday Night RAW confirms the presence of those elements in the stable.

The appeal and demeanour of Bray Wyatt and his characters always had a touch of supernatural elements in them. WWE officials were smart to add those elements in the presentation of Uncle Howdy and Wyatt Sicks, which directly links the purpose of the dark faction to the motives of Bray Wyatt’s character.

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