The Two Rules Cody Rhodes Follows When He Has to Lie

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes’ success in the WWE is a true testament to his hard work, perseverance, and virtue. The American Nightmare went from the undesirable to the undeniable and proved to the world that if one has a goal and is willing to pursue their dream, then there’s nothing that can stop them from accomplishing their dreams.

The Prodigal Son enjoys a huge fan following among all age groups of WWE fans. The current Undisputed WWE Champion has brought a revolution in the wrestling industry by reviving the business extraordinarily. Interestingly, he recently revealed his rule of two to put up a lie when it was needed.

The two rules Cody Rhodes follows when he has to lie

Cody Rhodes has undoubtedly become one of the most mainstream and successful WWE Superstars of all time. The American Nightmare is over with the young WWE fans on another level, which makes him a very responsible representative for the global juggernaut.

Recently, Cody Rhodes joined former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona and Bryan Myers on their show, ‘The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast,‘ where The current Undisputed WWE Champion revealed the two rules that he follows whenever he has to lie. The first one is that the lie has to be partially true and the second is that it should not be about anything serious.

So a Cody lie a has two rules there’s just two rules to a Cody lie okay one it has to be partially true has to be partially true okay the other is it can never be about anything serious it can never be about anything serious it always has to be something that’s more banter related okay the I have added over the years to the Cardona jacket meeting story I have.

While his rules to lie certainly would not hurt anyone, on his work front, The American Nightmare has now solidified his position as the top guy in the WWE. Moreover, dethroning Roman Reigns, who carried the company’s top prize for over 4 years has absolutely put Cody Rhodes at the pinnacle of the industry and has garnered billions of fans all over the world.

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