The Creative Mind Behind Cody Rhodes’ Ring Gear: A Veteran Designer’s Contributions

cody rhodes

The Prodigal Son comes under the pantheon of WWE greats, The current Undisputed WWE Champion has checked all the boxes to deserve this elite place in the history of pro wrestling. His in-ring contributions, the financial profits that he is providing to the company, and the historical significance of his run make him one of the most iconic superstars of this era.

The American Nightmare has aced all the areas that he required to become the biggest star in the wrestling industry today. Cody Rhodes is a student of the game and focuses on all the little details which adds even more depth to his presentation and the character. All those details that he focuses on also include his in-ring gear for which he credits his talented veteran designer who makes the gears for him.

The Creative Mind Behind Cody Rhodes’ Ring Gear: a veteran designer’s contribution

The current Undisputed WWE Champion was a special guest on Matt Cardona and Brian Myers’ podcast ‘The Major Wrestling Podcast‘ where The American Nightmare discussed plenty of things and one of them was the legend of his veteran ring gear designer Miss Sandra.

While discussing his ‘I Quit’ match against The Phenomenal One AJ Styles, Rhodes started talking about his ring gear which brought Miss Sanders and her experience into the conversation, The current Undisputed WWE Champion revealed that his designer has been putting the work for the business since WCW days and she had made gears for so many megastars of this business. Now, even when Miss Sanders is retired, she still makes gears for The American Nightmare and puts unbelievable stuff for him.

“She’s done concept art pictures with wrestlers because she’s been doing it since WCW and she she wants to go to I think wrestle conon this year and I told her I go you would love it you would have a blast all these this is a an eye into a world that people don’t know anything about I mean she’s done everybody’s gear she’s done so many people’s gear people forget that Sandra did it um yeah she every now and then she’ll slip somebody you know classic gear seamstress they’ll slip somebody else’s gear in your bag hey can you deliver this to montz SP we know we know that move yeah yeah that’s a that’s a classic seamstress move but for the most part she’s retired and puts out unbelievably good stuff for me awesome.”

Cody Rhodes has become a generational talent who has surpassed all the expectations that were put on his shoulders. The American Nightmare is primarily focused on establishing his legacy and becoming the most profitable WWE Champion in the history of the company.

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