Roman Reigns Accolades: Top 4 Highlights of The Tribal Chief

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Among the legion of WWE legends, one could not help but wonder where The Head of the Table is ranked in the all-time greats. Given his track record of historical moments, title victories, and WrestleMania main events, The Tribal Chief should be anywhere near the top of the list.

Looking even deeper in the bag, Roman Reigns’ accolades, in-ring work, financial success, unmatched aura, historical significance, and charisma, The former Undisputed WWE Champion could be ranked among the most iconic WWE Superstars of all time. Roman Reigns’ accolades speak for themselves, there might not be any superstars who have enjoyed such a legendary run on the mountaintop for such a long period.

Let us take a look at four Roman Reigns accolades that defined his greatness:

1. Longest Reigning Champion of the Modern Era

Roman Reigns lost his prestigious Undisputed WWE Championship to The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes in the main event of WrestleMania 40, but what Reigns was able to achieve before that is what made that moment even more humongous. There has not been a Superstar in the WWE who has held the World Title as long as Roman Reigns since the Hulk Hogan era and it makes it one of the most elite Roman Reigns accolades in the company.

Roman Reigns was able to hold his WWE title for over 1316 days before dropping it to Cody Rhodes. The idea that a wrestler could hold a championship for such a long time, and capture the audience’s attention quite like The Tribal Chief seemed like a delusion because WWE fan gets bored so quickly with the same guy on the top, but that was not the case with Roman Reigns. Holding on to the championship with the same aura and swagger makes Roman one of the greatest in history.

2. 6-time World Champion

Roman Reigns has always stayed in the headlines and has notoriously stayed popular among the WWE Universe for one thing or another,r but one thing that Reigns was able to achieve always was to get a reaction from the crowd. The reactions might not have always been in his favor even in his biggest victories, but he was always able to capture the imagination of the WWE Universe.

Upon his debut as part of The Shield, it was very clear from the very beginning that Reigns was destined to be the face of the global juggernaut for years to come and raked up multiple world titles in the company. Roman Reigns was able to gather six world title victories in his WWE career, with his fifth title win being the most game-changing, making it one of the biggest Roman Reigns accolades.

3. Grand Slam Champion

Roman Reigns comes under those few WWE Superstars who have been able to earn the tag of being a Grand Slam Champion in the WWE. The Tribal Chief was able to win every single active championship in the WWE and joined the likes of Shawn Michaels and Triple H in the elite list of most iconic superstars in the history of the company.

Before winning the WWE Universal Championship on his return to the company in 2020, Reigns had captured all of the other active titles on the roster to earn his place in the elite list of WWE Grand Slam Champions making it one of the major Roman Reigns accolades in the company. Reigns is the 17th Grand Slam Champion in the history of WWE.

4. No.1 wrestler in PWI rankings

Roman Reigns has made a major name for himself in the WWE, but he has been able to earn several accolades for his name outside of the WWE as well. Among the several accolades that Roman has under his name, the most prestigious achievement would be when he was ranked no.1 wrestler in the elite Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine in 2016 as well as 2022.

Among all the incredible wrestlers all over the globe in different promotions, Reigns was able to beat them all to secure his spot as the best wrestler in the whole world. Apart from being ranked no.1 wrestler in PWI, Reigns also earned himself the Wrestler of the Year award from Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2022.

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