Liv Morgan Bo Dallas: Exploring Her Bond with WWE’s Uncle Howdy and His Legacy

liv morgan,Uncle Howdy

The two names that have been making headlines on the WWE television programming are the current WWE Women’s World Champion, Liv Morgan, and the recently returned Uncle Howdy, who created havoc on Monday Night RAW upon his arrival to the WWE with his Wyatt Sicks faction.

The two popular WWE Superstars have stayed in the limelight for very different reasons as Liv Morgan finds herself in the middle of her ‘Liv Morgan Revenge Tour’ involved in a controversial angle with Judgment Day’s Dominik Mysterio. Meanwhile, after months of mystery and hints, Uncle Howdy made his first appearance in WWE after almost a year.

However, few links bind the Mysterious Force and The Miracle Kid of the WWE. Let us take a look at Liv Morgan’s relationship with Uncle Howdy:

1. Liv Morgan & Uncle Howdy’s romantic relationship

Nowadays, Liv Morgan is romantically linked with Rhea Ripley’s beloved Dominik Mysterio, whom Morgan found luring on multiple different occasions on several editions of Monday Night RAW. However, in real life, there were heavy rumours that the former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion was dating Bo Dallas, the WWE superstar behind the Uncle Howdy mask.

Bo Dallas and Liv Morgan were rumoured to be dating for several years. Though the duo never confirmed their relationship status, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair once stated on his podcast that the duo were dating and WWE fans have also seen them together on several occasions. However, in a recent interview, Morgan noted that she is single right now and does not see herself dating anyone because she wants to focus on her WWE career.

2. Liv Morgan pitched to be a part of the Wyatt Family

Liv Morgan had always been one of the most hardworking superstars in the WWE. The former Money in the Bank winner always looked for an opportunity to prove to management that she belonged and rightfully deserved the spot she was in the company.

After separating from the Riott Squad in the WWE Draft 2019, Morgan was taken out of WWE programming to give her a fresh start. After months of hiatus, Morgan started pitching several ideas, one of them being to be involved in the Wyatt Family since it was during that time that Bray Wyatt returned with his Fiend gimmick to the company. WWE Universe was rallying behind this idea that Morgan pitched, but it never came to fruition, and it appeared that WWE instead went on to give Alexa Bliss the spot that Morgan was looking for.

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