Cody Rhodes’ Shocking Revelation: Tony Khan’s Chat with Ex-WWE Talent

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes had a chip on his shoulder upon his exit from the WWE when he was tired of his mid-card status in the company. Rhodes had to prove to the world the reason` he deserved a fair shot and that he could hang there with the best the wrestling industry offers.

After his exit from the global juggernaut, Cody Rhodes brainstormed several new ideas and gimmicks to make a mark in the business and founded AEW with Tony Khan. Rhodes would pull a whole new empire against the WWE and start working towards signing the best free agents in the biz to make one solid roster for the new promotion.

Which ex-WWE superstar did Cody Rhodes talk about?

The current Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes joined Matt Cardona and Brian Myers’ popular podcast ‘The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast‘, where he gave a detailed description of the chat between Matt Cardona and Tony Khan when Rhodes went to Khan to sign Cardona for a few matches in the AEW.

While discussing his efforts to get Matt Cardona to AEW for some tag matches with him, The American Nightmare revealed the conversation that Khan and Cardona had. Rhodes admitted that even before the conversation began, Matt made it pretty clear to Tony that he would not go there as Cody Rhodes’s friend was wearing a Nightmare family jacket, which surprised Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes stated that Tony was very gentle in the meeting, but it tore Rhodes to the core as he presented the jacket to Cardona, knowing he wouldn’t wear it.

“It was so shocking Tony starts talking and before before long Matt goes well let me stop you right there so we’re already he’s already got a bullish fortune favors the Bold approach to this he goes let me stop you right there I want you to know that I don’t want to be here to be Cody’s friend I want you to know that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a nightmare family jacket this is this is this is like this is happening in real time to me and this is the guy I suggested come in as my guest and I remember to his credit uh Tony being such a nice guy he just kind of like oh okay and the meeting was done it was over we sat there for probably another hour and nothing of of substance was said because it it just just tore me to shreds killed me was the jacket already given before or after the meeting good question I think I gave it to him after knowing knowing he would never wear it.”

Matt Cardona’s run with the AEW went extremely well, and now he is finding major success on the independent circuit. Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes made history at WrestleMania 40 when he won the Undisputed WWE Championship from Roman Reigns in the main event.

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