Cody Rhodes Reveals His Efforts to Bring Top Indie Star to AEW

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Cody Rhodes surprised the entire world when he made his shocking return to the WWE in 2022 at WrestleMania 38. It has been two years since The Prodigal Son made his massive return to the global juggernaut and has been able to ‘Finish The Story’. However, before signing back with the WWE, Cody Rhodes was focused on making AEW the best wrestling promotion in the world.

The American Nightmare left WWE in 2016 due to his seemingly growing frustrations surrounding his booking and position in the company. Cody Rhodes had a chip on his shoulders to prove himself to the world, and to do that, he joined Tony Khan to establish a brand new Wrestling promotion, which they would go on to name All Elite Wrestling. Recently, Cody Rhodes revealed how hard he tried to bring one of the top Independent stars to the AEW.

Cody Rhodes reveals his efforts to bring top Indie Star to AEW

Cody Rhodes had joined Matt Cardona and Brian Myers’ popular podcast ‘The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast‘ where the current Undisputed WWE Champion went on to explain his journey back to the WWE and detailed his path to recruit the best wrestlers in the AEW when he was there.

During the conversation, Cody Rhodes revealed that he had put a lot of effort into signing one of the major stars in the Indie circuit, Matt Cardona, who was formerly known as Zack Ryder in the WWE. Rhodes revealed that while he was in AEW, he asked Matt if he would like to be in a tag team situation with him in AEW.

Cody Rhodes stated that Matt had just been released from the WWE at that moment, and he arranged a meeting between Tony Khan and Matt Cardona to get him on board for a couple of matches in AEW.

“When I was working at AEW had asked Matt if he wanted to be part of a tag team situation with me do something together and then I think we worked it out talked about just doing what was it five three or five shows it wasn’t a long-term commitment anything like that but I wanted to bring him in and I wanted my my friend as you heard earlier on the introduction my best friend uh I wanted him to be part of of what I was doing and he had … WWE and him had parted ways at that point so this was man what a free agent that’s out there this is just a win the agent the I mean you have a specific audience that follows you everywhere you go you’re an entrepreneur you take care of all your people this is a no-brainer for a place to look at you and roll up the Brinks truck so I had scheduled a meeting between uh Matt Cardona and Tony Khan and the best I could do because of this the climate in terms of the pandemic.”

The American Nightmare quit AEW in 2022 and returned to the WWE in what was one of the best decisions he could have made. Since returning to the WWE, Cody Rhodes has won the Undisputed WWE Championship from Roman Reigns and has established himself as the face of the company.

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