Cody Rhodes Exposes Hilarious Mishap with Former WWE Tag Team

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes has cemented his position as the face of the global wrestling juggernaut, WWE for years to come in the future. The American Nightmare has all the tools that a superstar will require to maintain a tight grip on the top spot in the sports entertainment industry.

With his gritty determination, patience, perseverance, and never-give-up attitude, Cody Rhodes climbed the ranks in WWE. It earned him the stardom that only a few people can achieve. Despite all the success, Rhodes has stayed humble and was recently seen recounting a few stories of his humble beginnings with a few of his friends from the business.

Cody Rhodes exposes hilarious mishap with former WWE Tag Team

Cody Rhodes was a special guest on ‘The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast’ hosted by former WWE superstars Matt Cardona and Brian Myers, where the trio were seen recounting a few old stories from their amazing careers.

While discussing a few old stories related to their careers in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), that was the old WWE developmental territory, Cody recalled a funny story that was related to the arrival of the tag team of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, their former names in the promotion.

Rhodes revealed that during their run in the OVW, a guy from talent relations used to give them a pep talk after each show. One day, he was trying to introduce both Zack and Curt, calling them the most important people on the roster whom everyone knows. However, there was no pop or applause for them, leading to a very bad reception for their arrival.

“There was a man in Talent relations … Mike correct yes and at the end of the show we do a big meeting talking about the TV what we did great usually it’s just a good high like boost morale type moment here’s what we did great and we’re trying to get everyone’s minds wrapped around the future they could be future WWE champions, future Superstars whatever it may be but he decides to give a speech where the exact verbiage of the speech was I want to introduce you to two of the most important people in WWE and I want to introduce you to two people who you already know because they debuted last night on television but make it clear they don’t know who the f you are this is to a room of us and then there’s no microphone there’s no production he literally G’s up like Mike Rome and goes the major Brothers he’s like jaking and this whole thing and two no pop smattering of Applause definitely NOP and I was so shortly thereafter I left obw I always had great relationships I felt with both you guys but your ovw experience that followed wasn’t great.”

Cody Rhodes, Brian Myers, and Matt Cardona have come a long way since their OVW days. Cody Rhodes went on to create the biggest mark as he became the face of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Meanwhile, both Matt and Brian found a good amount of success in WWE and now have been collecting titles in different promotions all over the globe.

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