Cody Rhodes Discusses the Mystery of Dusty Rhodes’ Yellow Boots Figure

cody rhodes

Cody Rhodes has redefined the meaning of stardom in the sports entertainment industry after his unprecedented journey to the top of the business. Rhodes went through an extraordinary journey on his return to the global juggernaut and became this generation’s biggest star.

The American Nightmare returned to the WWE with one goal in his heart: to win the Undisputed WWE Championship, one title that his late father, Dusty Rhodes, never held in the WWE and ‘Finish The Story’.

Cody Rhodes discusses the mystery of Dusty Rhodes’ yellow boots figure

During his appearance on Matt Cardona and Brian Myers’ show, ‘The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast‘. The current Undisputed WWE Champion discussed several things, including multiple stories surrounding his father, Dusty Rhodes, and touched on the mystery of his yellow boots figure.

Rhodes started discussing his dad’s various action figures and came up with the mystery of Dusty Rhodes’ yellow boots figure. Cody Rhodes revealed that the yellow boots Dusty Rhodes figure exists, though he did not have any evidence. He recalled that the legs of that figure were cast white, unlike other figures whose leg colour matched the figure’s skin tone.

“I do think the yellow boots Dusty exists I I do I don’t think I’ve seen the damage ones but then there’s ones that I I think perhaps the yellow boots Dusty Hasbro does exist I don’t know I I I don’t know if I have any evidence of that but I thought it did if we’re getting deep down the nerdy Rabbit Hole here I think it’s just because that the legs of that Dusty figure are cast in white where like most the other ones are like whatever the character skin tone is I think it just doesn’t age well that’s what I think.”

Cody Rhodes made his father and his entire fanbase proud when he won the Undisputed WWE Championship upon defeating Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 in the main event to a deafening reception from the WWE Universe. The Prodigal Son now feuds with Roman’s cousin Solo Sikoa on Friday Night SmackDown, which could potentially lead to a title encounter in the near future.

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